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26 letters, infinite combinations

...because really, why not

free contradictions for sale
16 May 1982
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sup y'all? i'm a nova girl (that's nova meaning northern virginia, not nova as in does not go en espanol) temporarily transplanted to tucson az and hopefully eventually from boston or maine or vermont or something of that ilk. this is my journal. i'm also captain obvious in my spare time.

a few things:

writer. of everything. like 8 novels that will never finish, songs, poems, short stories, blathering blogs...you get it.
singer. (whether i ought to be or not)
guitarist. (attempting)
pianist. (again, attempting)
violinist. (sort of)
animal enthusiast, especially hamsters and other rodents, cats, horses and birds
tv junkie.
movie watcher-over-and-overer.
harry potter, lotr, and gormenghast own my soul.
hopeless daydreamer.
red sox fan.
cubs fan and white sox fan. yes, i can like both. shut up.
washington nationals fan.
mets fan.
okay actually, just a baseball freak in general.
skins and pats fan.
at-heart new englander.
in love with the city of boston.
in love with unattainable boys.
and unattainable girls, for that matter.
full-time goof off.
daughter of the revolution, except not because i'm too lazy to go through the rigamaroll of signing up.
sugary breakfast cereal afficionado.
late-blooming fashionista making up for a childhood spent in ruffles and polka dots
potentially your new lj friend.

oh, le also? thanks to spiffy_themes for the scrubs mood theme set i'm using. woot. scrubs is love, people. scrubs is love.
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